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The importance of weather in marketing

Weather is one of the key focus points amongst retailers because of its profound influences on consumer purchase behaviour. Weather conditions and temperature ranges impact what we buy, when we buy, how much we buy, and why we buy. With universal influence, everyday weather impacts the thoughts and behaviours of everyone across the globe and affects the way that people consider their daily activities, purchases and plans.

Weather-Based Marketing is both proactive and reactive campaign construction with the intention of facilitating business, based on past, present, or future weather-related patterns or out-of-the- ordinary weather events. When it’s cold outside, people are more likely to buy jackets and shop online. When it’s hot outside they are more likely to buy bathing suits and depending on how hot it is- shop online. Studies also correlate weather with influencing large purchase decisions such as car and house choices. The bottom line? The benefits of using weather marketing include in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour, boost in sales performance and competitive advantage.

Harness the power of the weather

FWM has a history of creating weather-triggered campaigns, including our work with lingerie and swimwear retailer Bravissimo. After analysing Bravissimo’s sales data against historical weather information, FWM discovered that swimwear sales spiked when the sun was shining, regardless of outdoor temperature. Using the weather to trigger Pay Per Click ads using Google AdWords enabled Bravissimo’s swimwear ads to only appear in areas experiencing sunny weather. The campaign achieved fantastic results, with PPC-driven sales revenues for Bravissimo’s swimwear range increasing by 600% during a 3-month campaign. 

Through our work on the Bravissimo campaign and other projects, our weather triggered service received exceptional evaluation through awards, including:

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