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Twitter’s Analytics Tool, Debenhams’ and John Lewis’ Christmas Campaigns

This week in Digital Bytes: Twitter unveils its new Brand Hub Analytics Tool; Debenhams revives its ‘Found It’ Christmas campaign; and John Lewis increases its social media budget for Christmas.

Twitter Unveils Brand Hub Analytics Tool

twitter hub digital bytes fastwebmedia
Source from Techcrunch

Twitter is enlarging its analytics product with the launch of its new analytics tool called Twitter Brand Hub which the company says it’s currently making available to large and medium advertisers in English-speaking countries.

This tool is to enable advertisers to measure their conversations on the social network against its top competitors. Although, the Brand Hub appears to be less centred around specific ads or campaigns and more on the broader conversation around different brands and products, the data derived from this could help businesses see where they need to boost their visibility with ads.

Presenting medium and large businesses with access to ‘Brand Hub’, Twitter looks to show brands how much of the social media conversation is about them compared to their competitors thereby allowing them to measure their performance on social media against rivals.

The company in a statement explains how it intends to measure this, stating: “We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analysing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns, giving a birds eye view into the engagements, impressions and mentions of each participating brand, enabling advertisers to add a personal touch to their future content”.

The tool promises to give marketers key data on who is speaking about the brand (broken down by gender, location, job and income) and what they are saying to help marketers understand the best demographics for targeted ad campaigns on Twitter.


Debenhams’ ‘Found it’ Christmas Campaign

found it debenhams digital bytes fastwebmedia
Source from Marketing Magazine

Debenhams has revived its ‘Found It’ theme from Christmas 2014 for its Christmas 2015 campaign turning to shorter, more targeted messaging with an integrated campaign using celebrities, such as Dawn French, Sarah Millican, Jamelia and James Nesbitt, and will be promoted through social media, press, influencer marketing and in-store activity starting in November, with TV launching later in the month.

Last year Debenhams took a new tact in its Christmas marketing, focusing on gifting instead of fashion and adopting a new ‘Found It’ theme. Debenhams, this year is hoping to make a stronger emotional bond with customers with a more emotive message focusing on Christmas shopping as a personal experience.

It will more clearly acknowledge customer personas in its creative including; ‘Found It For the fashionista’; ‘Found It For the girl who likes to sparkle’; ‘Found It For the weekender’; ‘Found It For the one you love’; and ‘Found It For the littlest one’.  Debenhams is likewise shortening the TV ad length to 20″ and 10″ to double the amount of times customers will see the ads.

Richard Cristofoli, Debenhams Marketing Director, said, “Feedback on our 2014 campaign was extremely positive and we are pleased to return with an even stronger emotional connection this year.” “Our campaign is multi-channel and seeks to make smart use of resource with for example, shorter length TV ads that see us deliver a higher frequency of media.”


John Lewis’ Christmas Campaign

john lewis ad digital bytes fastwebmedia
Source from Marketing Magazine

John Lewis plans to increase its social media spend within its Christmas campaign 2015 budget, after it has confirmed that social media is fast becoming the major channel used for adverts by companies. The retailer confirmed it would increase spend after Wales Online reported social media would take an even greater role in its Christmas campaign this year. The news site quoted MD Andy Street as saying spend would increase.

The John Lewis boss said the firm has embraced social media and added: “Our ad now launches on social media. “It used to be waiting for the big reveal on X Factor but the big reveal now is on social media and YouTube. “On the day the ad launched last year we had millions of viewers on social media so it’s become the accepted place. We now have a team that works long hours in Glasgow monitoring all mentions of us on social media and responding to customers immediately so it’s become part of our communications just as anything else would be.”

Like previous years, the campaign is expected to break first on social media. Although John Lewis said the song and artist has yet to be confirmed, Sources told Marketing the Oasis track ‘Half the World Away’ is in the running to feature on the much-anticipated advert.



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Google brings Tweets into Search Results, Ralph Lauren’s Smart T-shirt and William Hill’s Football Campaign

This week in Digital Bytes: Google has embedded tweets into desktop search results – providing twitter users with a larger audience for their content; Ralph Lauren showcases a smart t-shirt linked to fitness app; and William Hill launches a new football campaign.

Google Embeds Tweets into Desktop Search Results

Twitter and Google Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from Social Media Today

Back in May, Google and Twitter partnered to bring tweets into mobile search results. It was designed to put real-time info into Google’s search results and also provide Twitter users with a larger audience for their content. It was, and is, a really major deal for both companies.

In fact, one of our recent blog articles discusses Google’s incorporation of Twitter into its mobile search results, what it means for brands and what brands need to do. The partnership between Google and Twitter to include tweets in mobile search results has proven successful as Google announced in a short update on its original blog post that it will be including tweets within search results on desktop as well.

Update, 8/21/2015: We’ve extended this to desktop now too, and in English everywhere’.

What this means is that when you search for something on Google, a feed of the latest tweets relating to the searched term will come up. Also, typing in a hashtag on Google will generate a list of trending tweets around the searched hashtag. The presence of tweets relevant to users’ searches will increase the likelihood of more people signing up to the micro blogging platform and will promote the service in a relevant and engaging way which is great for both companies and a good marketing strategy.

Ralph Lauren to push sport apparel with smart t-shirt linked to fitness app

Polotech Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from The Drum

Ralph Lauren is marketing its sporting apparel with mobile app added benefits by announcing that it will release a high-tech workout t-shirt with sensors that measure a number of biometric stats and feed them back to an app. The brand has revealed its PoloTech apparel t-shirts, partnering with a Ralph Lauren app, providing stats similar to the Apple Watch but with added benefits. It is due for release on August 27 and is only available on iOS

The PoloTech t-shirt is made with “second-skin” fabric which has silver fibres woven directly into the fabric and a small, sensor-filled black box sown into the shirt near the rib cage which will track biometric stats such as steps taken, breathing depth, heart rate, and energy exertion.

The technology was previously tested by ball boys at last year’s US Open tennis tournament and top-ranking player, Marcos Giron, wore one of the t-shirts during practice.

Although the thought behind the fitness-based app is already present in many mobile devices as well as most obviously in the Apple Watch. However Ralph Lauren’s mobile app is endeavouring to do something different from the Apple smartwatch, by offering real-time analysis and workout suggestions based on the biometrics the person is showing at the time.

William Hill launches new football campaign

William Hill Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from Campaign Live

William Hill, the leading online gaming, in-play and pre-match betting provider to UK customers and bookmaker to US, has released an energetic new football campaign ‘Take Control’. The new look campaign, consisting of three 30 second TV adverts, will be executed through the line – across social media, online and retail display, radio and press. The TV campaign reflects William Hill’s dedication to innovation and enriching their customers’ betting experience.

The first TV advert showcasing In-Play betting aired on Sunday 23rd August at 1.20pm – just before the kick-off of the game between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea, and will be followed by two more spots, focusing on William Hill’s “Priority Access card” and its “cash in my bet” option in September and October respectively.

The ad is a frenzied mixture of football, cartoon explosions and aggressive cut-away scenes merged with an electro dance sound track by Knife Party, which makes for depleting viewing and also features The Senet Group‘s ‘When The Fun Stops, Stop’ message on the end frame to remind and educate people about the risks of gambling and how to stay in control.

Pete Spiers, Head of Campaigns at William Hill, said “Our enhanced In-play betting, Priority Access Card and Cash In My Bet products offer our customers the ability to ‘Take Control’ of their daily digest of live football” he continued, “These innovative products, coupled with the impending launch of our next-generation web-platform, will allow our customers to enjoy the ultimate betting experience”.



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Is Google Taking Over Social Media?

Google social media fastwebmediaHaving tried and largely failed to take on Facebook and Twitter with Google+, Google is now looking for a new way to integrate social into search. Rather than producing its own network, it’s incorporating an existing channel into its search results, namely Twitter, in an attempt to produce richer and more real time rankings. The partnership was announced in March this year, and the results (Twitter feeds neatly integrated into the Search results) started rolling out in May in the United States.

The rollout still seems to be in a beta testing phase, so it’s a good opportunity to analyse the new functionality and work out how brands can take advantage.

What’s happening?

paul-bullock-fastwebmediaIf you search for a brand, person, or hashtag in Google on your mobile, you’re likely to find a new addition to the results. Now, rather than just feeding back webpages, images, and news stories, Google has started showing Tweets.  The location of the box is changeable (depending on popularity, it appears at either the top or middle of the page), but the format’s always the same. Packaged in a small rectangle, the feed features the tweeter’s last five tweets which the user can scroll through, and the feed’s avatar and name, which can be clicked to take the user through to Twitter itself.

Early in its rollout, the functionality seemed limited to the super brands (Coca-Cola, Google itself) and the very famous (Barack Obama, Taylor Swift), but it’s now started rolling out to smaller brands and non-famous people (including me!).  Hashtags are also included, though currently only the very popular ones. For example, if you search Google for a hashtag related to a brand or campaign, it’s unlikely to appear unless it’s been adopted by a huge number of people. But more generic tags, such as #motivationmonday, are appearing at the very top of the results.

Why is this important?

Google has been trying to tap into the power of social media for years. This development is a small step, but it could lead to much bigger things, and it’s already been suggested that there’s a potential Google buyout of Twitter in the offing. Such deal may ultimately be too costly for Google, but it would bring numerous benefits, including a mobile-optimised advertising platform and a firm foot in the social sphere.

It’s the access to newer, more granular, and sentiment-driven data that would be the biggest boon though. Twitter data could tell Google’s algorithms what the search engine alone can’t: not just what people like, but why they like it. This has been an aim of Google’s since 2009, when then Head of Search Marissa Mayer said: “You can ask: ‘Is this conference today any good? Is it warmer in San Francisco than it is in Silicon Valley?’ You can actually look at tweets and see those sorts of patterns, so there’s a lot of useful information about real time and your actions that we think will ultimately reinvent search.”

That this suggestion remains prominent in Google’s mind six years later proves just how important it is, and just how great the potential benefits to both Google and brands could be.

What does it mean for brands?

Social and Search have been slowly merging for a number of years, and this is yet another step in that direction. The impact will be slow to begin with, but could be significant in the long term. Too often, brands think of the two as separate spheres, and that social media offers engagement value that websites simply can’t. This has led to a fragmented approach that’s likely to come to an end if the partnership between Google and Twitter gains traction.

For example, if a brand sets up a Twitter-only competition that makes heavy use of a hashtag, there’s now the potential to get that hashtag ranking in Google. However, it’s likely that this couldn’t be achieved through Twitter alone. Google will be looking at a number of signals, and one of those is likely to be what it reads from a brand’s site. By bringing the site into the fold, a brand will increase chances of ranking well and therefore enhancing awareness. It’ll be slow at first, but potentially could dramatically alter the way digital activities are organised.

What do brands need to do?

At the moment, it’s unclear exactly how both Google and Twitter are approaching this. Since the early days of rollout, more feeds are appearing, with a number of brands’ feeds now appearing when their name is searched for. It’s all speculation, but it’s a safe bet that number of followers and whether or not an account is verified are key signals Google is using to determine quality and relevance. Equally, the frequency of posts and level of engagement those posts receive will likely feed into the overall judgement.

This is less certain, but Google could also be using a brand’s website as a key indicator; how though is difficult to say. As feeds are currently only appearing on mobile, a site’s responsiveness is likely to play a part. After all, if a brand’s site is mobile unfriendly, Google may deem the brand as a whole to be likewise. It’s also possible that the number of views a site receives on mobile devices will play a part, with Google taking that as an indicator of the brand’s relevance in the mobile experience. Beyond that, a link between a brand’s site and its Twitter feed would also be beneficial, as this will help Google build an association.


This is very much an open playing field at the moment and there’s little solid information on where the Twitter-Google partnership will lead, and what technical and optimisation actions brands need to take to take advantage. What is clear though is that Google will continue to place strong emphasis on the link between Social and Search, and that a holistic approach is the best way to succeed going forwards.



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Twitter’s Event Targeting, Turkish Airlines’ Live Broadcast on Periscope and Amazon Prime Music’s UK Launch

This week in Digital Bytes: Twitter launches Event Targeting – making it easier to target ads around big events; Turkish Airlines broadcasts live on Periscope; and Amazon Prime Music launches in the UK.

Twitter launches event targeting

Twitter Event Targeting Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from Marketingland

Just over a week ago, Twitter announced the launch of a new event targeting tool that allows marketers to detect upcoming events that may be in line with their target market, and to construct campaigns around them in real-time.

When key events like the World Cup, the Oscars or Coachella take place, a large number of people herd to Twitter to take a look at the buzz and voice their sentiments, presenting brilliant opportunities for marketers to join in the conversation in the hopes of connecting with consumers on social media. To help brands take advantage of these open doors, Twitter launched its real-time event targeting tool.

Twitter makes it easy for marketers to create campaigns around an event once an event of interest has being pinpointed. The tool gives marketers a searchable calendar of upcoming events, with demographic data and event insights that give them the capacity to comprehend the gatherings of people connected with those events based on the previous year’s data. For example, the Twitter event tool can tell marketers that the total reach of the World Cup is 40 million Twitter users, 45% of them are female and mostly use mobile devices.

Twitter likewise gives historic data, such as what number of tweets and tweet impressions the event delivered when it last happened.


Turkish Airlines delivers first live broadcast on Periscope from cockpit

Turkish Airlines Periscope Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from laReclame

Turkish Airlines has become the first carrier to run a live broadcast of the cockpit and cabin crew’s flight via live video streaming platform Periscope.

The transatlantic flight began with a live streaming from the crew garden at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, where pilots and flight attendants relaxed before boarding, then moved to the aircraft and took after the crew’s preparation, including outside checks.

The crew rest area, which is usually out of bounds for travellers, and live images of the crew at work were also broadcasted using on board Wi-Fi. When the flight went live from US airspace, and Turkish Airlines began asking viewers to guess where the flight was about to land, the number of viewers reached its peak.

According to Neşet Dereli, the airline’s interactive marketing communications manager, “The first cockpit and cabin crew flight ever broadcast live in the world was also the first Turkish Airlines branded live-stream in the sky. Our Periscope flight achieved 292,772 total likes and allowed us to gain 5,118 new followers.”

Amazon challenges Spotify and Apple Music with Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music Digital Bytes Fastwebmedia
Source from Digitaltrends

Amazon has joined the UK streaming market with the launch of Prime Music, a new service accessible to Amazon Prime customers as part of their annual £79 subscription.

The service gives customers access to more than one million songs from Amazon’s more extensive list of 30 million songs, and Prime Music customers will also have access to the CDs or MP3s they have bought at Amazon’s store – including those on the Universal label. In comparison, there are more than 30 million tracks available to consumers on either Spotify or Apple Music.

Another Amazon Prime benefit

While Amazon’s service is more basic than Spotify, the main European streaming service, and the recently launched Apple Music, it’s also cheaper than most of its competitors and can be a selling point to draw more subscribers to Amazon Prime as Prime Music makes more sense when taken as one of the many Amazon Prime benefits, rather than a standalone streaming service.

Steve Bernstein, Amazon’s director of music for the EU, told the Mirror Amazon Prime’s US user base surpassed all rivals combined, including Deezer, Rdio, Rhapsody and Google Music. He told the newspaper: “We don’t know what Apple Music looks like yet, because it’s still in its free period. But ignoring Spotify and Apple Music, we’re bigger than everyone else combined. “We are doing well in the US, so what’s the most natural thing to do? Launch in the UK.”

Prime Music also features offline listening, the ability to listen to the same song more than once, and no ads and the service is available on desktop, iOS or Android.


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Snickers enlists Vloggers, Dove’s ad and Twitter’s design idea

This week in Digital Bytes:  Snickers launches a ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign featuring YouTube Vloggers, Unilever’s brand Dove presents its new body image campaign, and Twitter launches a design competition called #PoweredByTweets.

Snickers uses YouTube vloggers for digital campaign

Source from Flickr
Source from Flickr

Mars Chocolate has unveiled a global digital campaign ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ for its Snickers brand led by vloggers whose instructional videos descend into farce. (click to tweet)

The brand has released a series of online films in the style of “how to” videos. While they begin in the normal way, the demonstrations descend into chaos because the vloggers are hungry.

The ‘How-to’ and ‘DIY’ vloggers appear to be performing slightly poorer than usual before the end frame subtly unveils the content is a Snickers prank.

Dan Burdett, Snickers Global Brand Director, said: “We are excited to be extending the reach of our phenomenally popular Snickers brand online tapping into the global popularity of ‘how to’ videos.

“The ‘off their game’ vloggers are an innovative digital twist on our hugely successful ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ TV ads. Between them the international vloggers in this campaign have over 7.5m subscribers, giving the brand campaign huge global reach.

Dove launches a new body image campaign ‘Choose Beautiful’

Source from Flickr
Source from Flickr

Unilever brand Dove has launched the latest global ad push in its series of positive body image initiatives as it ramps up efforts to promote itself as a campaigner for ‘real’ beauty. (click to tweet)

The ‘Choose Beautiful’ campaign, which follows the Real Beauty Sketches, Patches and Legacy ads, aims to make women reconsider the way they feel about themselves.

A short film shot in London, Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai and São Paolo shows women as they make the choice to walk through one door entitled ‘Average’ or another entitled ‘Beautiful’.

“While we were filming, it was so clear that the women who chose to feel beautiful shined with a positive, empowered outlook,” said Paul Dektor, Film Director of Dove Choose Beautiful.  “We all have the personal and powerful ability to rise above others’ points of view, social media, and pop culture, and I hope the Dove Choose Beautiful film inspires women around the world to reconsider how they view their own beauty.”

“Dove Choose Beautiful urges women to embrace this personal choice,” said Jennifer Bremner, Director of Marketing for Dove, in a statement. “Because when we do, it unlocks happiness and confidence that impacts women’s self-esteem.

Twitter launches #PoweredByTweets design competition

Source from Flickr
Source from Flickr

Twitter has launched an open to all design competition (click to tweet) seeking ideas to solve problems using Twitter or to harness the micro blogging service to create something beautiful.

#PoweredbyTweets: The Challenge is inspired by the ingenuity of tweeters in the past who have harnessed the live and public nature of the platform to make real-world objects move, illuminate or fly.

Running for two months, the competition will be judged by a panel of industry leaders representing the arts, technology and media with representations of the winning designs set to be built by Pixie Labs for display during the London Design Festival this September. The winner will also be afforded access to Twitter’s ad inventory to promote their vision on the platform.

Twitter gave some examples of PoweredByTweets case studies. For example, CuteCircuit designed the world’s first haute couture Tweet dress which was worn by Nicole Scherzinger. She showed off her futuristic and digital side by wearing the first Twitter dress for the launch of EE, the new 4G mobile network in November 2012.


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MTV launches apps and Burberry partners with Twitter for LFW

This week in Digital Bytes:  MTV partners with international mobile operators to launch apps targeting millennials, Burberry collaborates with Twitter to deliver personalised pictures from London Fashion Week, and Facebook launches an app to help businesses manage ads on the go.

MTV partners with international mobile operators to launch apps targeting millennials

Source from Flickr
Source from Flickr

Viacom-owned MTV has partnered with a number of global mobile network operators for the launch of two new video and digital music apps (click to Tweet) called MTV Play and MTV Trax.

The apps have been offered to operators as part of exclusive brand licensing agreements, to help them better target the valuable millennial market.

Bob Bakish, ‎President and Chief executive of Viacom, said: “MTV is one of the hottest entertainment brands in the minds of 16 to 24 year-old mobile users, with the majority of online engagement with the MTV brand now coming through mobile devices.

“Today’s launch of the MTV Play and MTV Trax apps offers operators an enormous opportunity to differentiate themselves and reward consumer loyalty by offering greater value through premium branded content and services targeting young customers who aren’t currently subscribing to pay TV.”

MTV Play is compatible with all common operating systems and enables consumers to ‘flick’ content from their smartphone to other connected screens, such as a tablet or smart TV.

Bakish claimed it’s an “industry-first multiscreen experience” with the app, adding that it makes MTV’s library of more than 1,500 hours of content easier to discover, control or share.

Burberry collaborates with Twitter to deliver personalised pictures from LFW

Source from Flickr
Source from Flickr

Burberry has partnered with Twitter to offer users of the social media site the chance to capture pictures of its London Fashion Week (click to Tweet) womenswear show live from the runway.

By tweeting #Tweetcam to the @Burberry Twitter account, users will trigger a camera to take a photograph from the best vantage point within the show space as the models walk down the runway.

Each picture is then personalised with the user’s Twitter handle, a time stamp of the moment the image was taken and then tweeted back to them.

The luxury fashion house, known for its forward-thinking digital and social activity around its LFW shows, has previously worked with Twitter on a number of initiatives. In 2012 Twitter provided an in-tweet live stream of Burberry’s Spring/Summer show, and last September the fashion brand sold its products through Twitter’s Buy Now functionality.

Facebook launches app to help businesses manage ads on the go

facebook appsCiaran Quilty, Business Regional Director for EMEA at Facebook said that the launch of the Ads Manager app is a response to customer feedback asking for more mobile tools. The app for iOS will allow businesses to create ads, track ads, manage ad budgets, look at the performance of their ads, and receive push notifications (click to Tweet).

Quilty said that an increasing number of businesses had been asking Facebook to create a “simple, easy and effective” way to use the site for ads.

Facebook launched a mobile version of its ads manager site around 18 months ago and it has 750,000 active users. Quilty said: “We want to grow in the right way, which is that we believe in value for money and we think that if we continue to make our products simple, effective, drive results for businesses and allow them to connect with their customers, then more SMBs will start investing in Facebook and existing SMBs will invest more in Facebook.


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Digital Wristband and Offshore Lego Playrooms

This week in Digital Bytes:  Microsoft launches a digital wristband focused on tracking health and fitness, Lego partners with MSC Cruises to design and equip the world’s first offshore Lego-themed playroom, and Twitter and IBM announce a new partnership that will combine data collection.

Microsoft launches digital wristband

wearable techMicrosoft has jumped aboard the crowded fitness bandwagon with the launch of its own digital wristband. (click to Tweet)

The imaginatively titled ‘Microsoft Band’ carves a niche for itself in a crowded market by dint of its cross compatibility with all three smartphone operating systems, ensuring it isn’t boxed into any one ecosystem.

Retailing at £125 on Microsoft’s website, the gadget is being sold as a one-stop solution for even the biggest hypochondriacs, maintaining a constant watch over the wearer’s vital statistics including heart rate, UV exposure, calorie intake and even stress.

In a statement, Microsoft said: “This is just the beginning of a multi-year vision for Microsoft in the health and fitness and wearables category. We want to enter this space in a deliberate and measured fashion and as such are launching first in the United States.”

Lego partners with MSC Cruises to design offshore playrooms

legoDanish toy giant Lego has partnered with MSC Cruises to design and equip the world’s first offshore Lego-themed playroom. (click to Tweet)

Built within MSC Armonia as part of a wider refit of the vessel, the scheme will presage delivery of a further two larger play areas planned for two new ships currently under construction.

All three boats will feature two kids clubs kitted out in the colourful plastic and follows part of a wider brand licensing push which Italian childcare brand Chicco brought on board previously.

MSC Cruises’ CEO Gianni Onorato said: “The Lego Group and MSC Cruises are both family businesses recognised the world over, so our two companies are a great match.

Twitter and IBM come together in landmark business boosting data deal

microsoft and twitter dataTwitter and IBM have announced a new partnership which will see the firms combine their data collection capabilities (click to Tweet) to provide more insightful marketing information to businesses.

As a result of the deal, IBM will offer Twitter the use of its cloud-based tools including IBM Watson Analytics. Furthermore, the companies will collaborate on a set of apps to aid businesses in the marketing, finance and sales industries.

Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and Chief Executive of IBM, said: “Twitter provides a powerful new lens through which to look at the world – as both a platform for hundreds of millions of consumers and business professionals, and as a synthesiser of trends.

Dick Costolo, Chief Executive of Twitter, added: “When it comes to enterprise transformation, IBM is an undisputed global leader in enabling companies to take advantage of emerging technologies and platforms.

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Digital Bytes: Twitter launches first ‘Buy’ button

This week in Digital Bytes: Twitter is testing its first ‘Buy’ button for brands on its platform, Coca-Cola and Tesco unite for a recycling campaign and Vodafone and Visa introduce a mobile wallet service.

Twitter launches first ‘Buy’ button


Twitter is teaming up with Burberry to test its first ‘Buy’ button for brands on its platform, to allow users to shop directly from the site.

The microblogging site is following Facebook’s lead by testing the button with a select group of artists and brands in the US, including fashion brand Burberry, the US home store, Home Depot, music artist Pharrell Williams and rapping superstar Eminem.
Users will get access to offers and products they can’t get elsewhere by using the Twitter app for Android and iOS.

Users will be able to complete the entire purchase by using the ‘Buy’ button. They will also be served additional product information and be prompted to enter their shipping and payment information. Once that is entered and confirmed, the order information is sent to the merchant for delivery.

Twitter has said it has built the button with security at the forefront. Payment and shipping information will be encrypted and safely stored after the user’s first transaction, so they will not have to re-enter their information after every purchase.

Coca-Cola and Tesco unite for recycling campaign


Coca-Cola and Tesco have joined forces for an online campaign to encourage people to recycle more.

The ‘Recycling is the Answer’ campaign directs Tesco customers to a dedicated website where they are asked to ‘pledge, play and recycle’ by playing a themed game.

After completing the game, customers can select either 25 Clubcard points or a 50p discount on Coca-Cola drinks as a reward and can earn a further 25 points by sharing their recycling pledge on Facebook or Twitter.

Nick Brown, Associate Director of Recycling for Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), added: “The campaign is the result of our shared dedication with Tesco to reduce our carbon footprint and help customers do the same in their homes. Past initiatives have demonstrated the power of pledging combined with awareness raising, and we hope Recycling is the Answer will have a similar impact. We are committed to helping the public make positive changes and hope the fun and practical tips provided in this campaign will address some of the barriers to at-home recycling.”

Vodafone and Visa team to introduce mobile wallet service


Vodafone and Visa are set to launch a mobile wallet service in the UK next month.
Vodafone phones will be equipped with a special SIM card which includes near field communication (NFC) technology that can be used to swipe for payments at contactless tills.

Expected to be available only on Android devices, the announcement by Vodafone comes on the same day as Apple is expected to launch its own mobile wallet.

Mark Ritzmann, Head of M-commerce at Vodafone, said that the maximum payment that can be made on the phone will be set at £25, for security reasons.

However, he did hint that the company is continuing to look for a PIN-protected way to make larger payments, adding that the smartphone “will start to replace the leather wallet”.

Digital Bytes: House of Fraser embraces Beacons

This week in Digital Bytes: Retailers Hawes and Curtis, Bentalls, and House of Fraser install beacon-enabled mannequins; a first for the UK retail industry, Volkswagen launches a virtual treasure hunt on Twitter and Goldsmiths shifts its marketing to storytelling.

UK Retailers install beacon-enabled mannequins


Hawes & Curtis, House of Fraser and Bentalls have installed mannequins with beacons technology in their store windows – a first for the retail industry.

VMBeacons mannequins enable customers to receive details via their smartphone about the clothes on display and let retailers engage directly with consumers who are shopping in, or passing by, a store.

To access the technology, customers need to download the free Iconeme app, which they can then use while shopping in one of the participating retailers.

When a customer with the app is within a 50m range of a VMBeacon-enabled mannequin, they will receive an automatic alert about the content they can access. Shoppers can also see more detailed photos and descriptions of the products plus save looks for later, share with friends and access additional offers and rewards.

Edward Smith, Brand Manager of Clothing retailer Hawes & Curtis said “it’s the first time in our history that we can get instant feedback from customers and instant sales 24 hours a day which is quite a step forward”. Smith said he hopes the mannequins will both heighten consumer engagement as well as drive further sales at Hawes & Curtis, which will firstly use the technology to promote its recently overhauled suit department.

House of Fraser will use the VMBeacon mannequins in its Aberdeen store to trial the new technology. The retailer will also showcase exclusive online products from brands including Michael Kors and Vivienne Westwood through the app.

Volkswagen UK creates #CamperHunt on Twitter


Volkswagen UK has launched a virtual treasure hunt on Twitter, offering fans the chance to win six VW camper van tents.

The campaign will see photographs of four landmarks at a UK location posted on social channels, with fans encouraged to guess where they are.To enter, fans can click through to a competition page on Facebook, while Twitter users will be invited to tweet where they think the tent is, using the hashtag #CamperHunt.

Silke Anderson, Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “#CamperHunt is a fun, light hearted social initiative that perfectly captures the essence of Summer Driving: the freedom to explore. We’re excited about the competition and are looking forward to engaging with new and existing fans as part of the campaign.”

Goldsmiths looks to stand out in ‘beige’ jewellery market


Goldsmiths is aiming to make its brand more distinctive in a “beige” jewellery market with the launch of a new strapline and marketing push that aims to give the brand a more “aspirational and luxury” feel.

The initial activation will focus on Goldsmiths’ in-house jewellery collection and run across digital, in-store and PR. It introduces the strapline “It starts with Goldsmiths’’.

Executive Marketing Director Ruth Benford says the new line shifts the focus of Goldsmith’s marketing to storytelling.

“At the moment the middle jewellery market is very beige, there is no category leader with distinctive brand stand-out. This is an opportunity to create a distinctive and relevant brand for today’s consumers,” she adds.

Benford says the investment is in response to customer research that showed that while Goldsmiths has strong brand awareness, people couldn’t pick out why it was different to the rest of the market.

Goldsmiths wants to shift those perceptions so consumers no longer see it as a jewellery retailer but as an “aspirational luxury” brand, says Benford. The ads aim to articulate Goldsmiths’ heritage, products and customers, for example telling the story behind the people buying an engagement or wedding ring.

Digital Bytes: Asda’s pop-up ads and Puma’s Twitter Campaign

This week in Digital Bytes: Asda launches a new pop-up ad format similar to Facebook posts, Puma’s Twitter campaign lets users unlock TV ad days before on-air launch, and the Commonwealth Games attract a lot of attention on Twitter through updates and selfies.

Asda’s new pop-up ad format inspired by Facebook posts

asda-facebook-campaign-fastwebmediaThe format was created on the back of content used on social media. For the past three years, Asda has been putting posts on Facebook that ask fans to vote for their favourite item.

For example, a post last week asked fans: ‘We love berries – but what is your favourite? Vote A for raspberries, B for blackberries, C for strawberries, and D for blueberries.’ This kind of post will aim to generate what Nick Bamber, Head of Digital Media Innovation at Asda, described as “phenomenal engagement”; the example above pulled in over 2,000 likes and nearly the same amount of comments with people offering their answers.

Asda sold the blocks to P&G, Unilever and other partners based on impressions rather than amount of time they will appear on the site. However, Bamber estimated that around one million impressions will equate to the ad appearing for about a week.

In terms of measurement, Bamber stated that all of the standard metrics that you can pull from a display banner will be available but Asda is also able to link an order ID with the person that viewed an ad. It can then be deduced if the customer bought something from a particular ad and then look at how that purchase compares to previous orders and whether they repurchased the featured brand in the future.

Puma’s Twitter campaign lets users unlock TV ad days before on-air launch


Puma has signed up to Twitter’s “flock to unlock” ad platform, enabling consumers to access its latest advertising days before official launch, but with content only activated once a sufficient number of users have retweeted.

The sportswear brand has kicked off the initiative today, with teasers referencing a TV ad that consumers will in theory be able to watch online before it goes live on-air.

To raise awareness of the “flock to unlock” aspect of the campaign, Puma-sponsored sportsmen and sportswomen have been recruited to tap into their Twitter fanbases. These include sprinter Usain Bolt and footballer Mario Balotelli.

The ‘Faster Forever’ campaign was launched at the start of 2014 and has been devised to align Puma’s sportswear and lifestyle products under a single global banner.

Commonwealth Games royal selfies gives traffic on Twitter


Over 3.3m tweets were sent throughout the 11 days of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Twitter has revealed, with the opening ceremony being the event that drove the most traffic.

The most discussed athlete on Twitter during the Commonwealth Games was Usain Bolt, who had over 140,000 mentions.

While athletes sent many tweets, and were mentioned many times, it was the royals who were the stars of the Games in terms of pictures, as the family used the Glasgow Games as an opportunity to photo-bomb.

The positive impact of Glasgow 2014 will be felt in the city for many years to come, according to the event’s Chief Executive, David Grevemberg. He believes the XX Commonwealth Games have not only been a huge success in terms of sporting action, but their legacy will be a very powerful one. This summer is full of sporting events, from football to tennis, and the commonwealth games fit perfectly into social conversation.