Technical Development

From initial concept & planning right through to build and deployment, our technical team are committed to creating high quality sites and applications that are efficient, scalable, secure, accessible and user-friendly. We believe in giving you full control of your own site, providing thorough content management systems and working with open source technologies so we don’t tie you into proprietary systems. Our highly experienced team are committed to staying abreast of emerging technologies to deliver the best possible product to you.

Web/Mobile Sites

Fast Web Media have been building websites for PCs and mobiles for over 15 years for major brands and clients, starting with the first official site of the FA Premiership in 1995. The industry has changed radically since then, but we’ve stayed abreast of changing technologies and trends, backed by the breadth and depth of experience we’ve acquired, to make sure the sites we build are scalable, robust, secure, and optimised both for your users (whatever platform they’re using to view your website) and for search engines. Fast Web Media will also proactively assess your site and the market and recommend ways for you to improve your site visitors and conversion rates by taking advantage of emerging trends such as Facebook integration or new HTML5 features.

Content Management

All Fast Web Media sites have comprehensive content management systems, either bespoke or part of the framework chosen to best suit the client requirements. Our goal is always to empower the client by providing user-friendly administration pages that the client can manage, without relying on support from us. Although obviously we’re always at the end of the phone too! We’ve also built content management suites managing news syndication for journalists, email campaign management systems and CRMs. Whatever content you need to control, Fast Web Media can help you find a user-friendly way of managing it.


Fast Web Media have experience in all aspects of e-commerce, whether it’s building brand new e-commerce sites for new companies, expanding offline sales to online for existing companies, rebuilding out dated or underperforming e-commerce sites, or helping to tie together stock and price management for companies who have separate online and offline sales systems. We can also help you with marketing and conversion optimisation to get the most out of the sites you already have. We have a safe and secure hosting environment for hosting e-commerce sites, and have worked with many different payment gateway companies. We have particular experience working with the Magento open source e-commerce application.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are software programmes that are designed to run on smartphones, such as the iPhone, Blackberry or Android phones. They have revolutionized the market for both consumers and mobile service providers, giving users informative, useful or entertaining programs to use whilst on the go. As of January 2011, it’s estimated that the number of iPhone apps available on the App Store exceeds almost 300,000, and since its launch in the summer of 2008, over seven billion apps have been downloaded. Fast Web Media can help you take advantage of the boom in mobile apps. Our iPhone development skills mean we can create apps that work across different platforms and, as with all our design work, the creation of Fast Web Media’s mobile applications is a multi-faceted collaboration between our in house teams. After discussions with clients, the resulting mobile apps will incorporate the combined creative input of our design, technical, SEO and client management teams. This integrated approach ensures that the client’s needs are fully met from initial conception to completion.

Social Media Applications

Social Media applications are web applications designed to sit within sites such as Facebook. They can be as simple as a custom designed tabs on your Facebook page, to complex games such as Farmville, which currently has over 83 million users*. Such applications are commonly used as a mechanism through which to promote business, site content and promotions directly to users, and the approach can be segmented according to desired demographics. Social media allows you to engage with your customers in unique and memorable ways, and Fast Web Media are experts in building these applications and also in implementing meaningful social media campaigns that complement and support both your online and offline strategy.

Data Management

Fast Web Media have a long history of safely and efficiently designing and managing huge databases. Data is distributed reliably and securely via syndication, APIs or web applications for clients such as Yahoo, BBC and Football Pools, as well as creating an in house knowledge database for our client Molson Coors to share knowledge across their corporate network. We manage CRMs, and have worked with Experian and SkyIQ on importing, exporting and analysing data. We understand and prioritize security, data protection, tracking and analytics, and can help you get the most out of your data.


Fast Web Media’s secure hosting is split across two datacentres in Manchester and has full hardware redundancy, ensuring maximum network uptime. We are PCI DSS compliant for hosting payment gateways, and have passed rigorous additional tests of our security and data protection protocols for hosting sites for the likes of Nationwide Building Society. Full site backups are taken regularly and stored securely off-site, and security audits are performed and acted on every month. Our experienced staffs are on 24 hour alert for emergency server problems.