Search Marketing

So you have a great looking website, and brilliant content, but how do you get people to find it? In the UK, 50% of the entire population (30.7m) search on Google each month, and every website is vying to attract those users. Fast Web Media’s award-winning search marketing team has a rich history in this field and a host of big-name clients who are also looking to grab those potential customers’ attention. We offer comprehensive paid and organic search campaigns that cover both on and off-site techniques, including linkbuilding, linkbaiting and conversion optimisation. We have consistently delivered results and always look to surpass initial expectations.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many search marketing disciplines have an associated cost in order to achieve success, but search engine optimisation aims to increase traffic organically, which is to say it finds free methods with which to help sites climb search engine rankings. Typically, this is done by making changes directly to the site itself. Fast Web Media offers a range of Search Engine Optimisation services.

These include:

Keyword analysis
This method analyses which words are most frequently entered into search engines. Fast Web Media will identify and emphasise the relevant search keywords for your site and this will help bring in not just more traffic, but better quality traffic. Title and meta data creation The effective use of title and meta tags can be a simple way to increase traffic on your site. Fast Web Media writes search engine friendly, keyword-rich title and meta tags, which are read by search engines when they analyse your website, and are shown in the search engine results.

Copy writing
Content creation is another effective way to add keywords to your site and encourage more visitors. Fast Web Media writes content that is not only on-brand and perfectly themed, but also written in a search engine friendly manner with optimum keyword density.

Link building
Search engines view links to a website from other websites as ‘votes’. The more credible quality back-links a website has, the more authority and credibility search engines will give it. Fast Web Media carries out link building services that will get your website noticed in the major search engines.

Link baiting
A great piece of content can be shared virally, earning your website backlinks and helping it climb the search engine rankings. Fast Web Media can write attention-grabbing, on-brand content, either in text or infographic form, that is specifically designed to act as linkbait and help your site spread virally online.

Pay Per Click

Organic search methods won’t always be enough to generate the kind of search results you’re looking for; often paid methods can garner your site an even greater number of hits. This is where pay-per-click comes in. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising covers paid advertising on search engines and social networking websites. PPC can help you target the user specifically and bring in a positive ROI for your budget. Fast Web Media have the knowledge, skill and expertise to deliver all this and get your site the recognition it deserves.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation can help turn visitors into customers by identifying issues with usability during the digital sales process, testing different versions of the problem areas, and identifying the version that is right for your site. Fast Web Media offer a complete Conversion Optimisation service.

Digital Reputation Marketing

Your reputation precedes you; it also gives a lasting impression to anyone searching for news or information on you, your brand or organisation, or your clients. Negative coverage can have a lasting impact that could tarnish your brand and cost you revenue. But there’s a way to prevent that. Reputation management is an increasingly important skill in the digital landscape that works to keep your online image as you’d want it. For a discreet chat with our DRM expert please email

FWM BIG:Profile

FWM BIG:Profile is a Fast Web Media proprietary digital marketing platform which combines the power of search marketing, social media and digital PR techniques in order to significantly raise the profile and reputation of a company or brand to a target audience. It is designed specifically for companies or brands who wish to ‘punch well above their weight’ in respect to raising their profile within their industry sector to consumers, customers & potential investors.

FWM BIG:Profile is a ‘one stop’ marketing platform that fuses these digital marketing disciplines:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Digital PR
  • Display Advertising

Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is about measuring success, identifying opportunities for improvement, and planning and strategising campaigns. We can analyse and identify trends and opportunities in key metrics. Fast Web Media can offer help in a number of key areas. We offer advice on strategy for anything from website content to search engine marketing based on analytics. We produce bespoke reports that will show performance against set KPIs, along with recommendations for improvement. And we path and funnel analysis to help improve the key website processes.

Mobile Search

Mobile is an evolving discipline of search marketing due to the convergence of the mobile web, mobile phone technology and the rapid advance of other mobile devices. It allows users to find mobile content on websites which are available to mobile devices on mobile networks; this is increasingly important as smart phones and tablets become more prevalent in the UK market.