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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sofa Sunday 2014: The Trends

Want to know more Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sofa Sunday 2014? Check out our post and find out how retailers could take advantage of the festive season.

Attribution Marketing: Success Through Transparency

‘’Half of my adverting spend is wasted. The worst part is, I don’t know which half’’ Does this sound familiar? Have you ever wondered where are you spending your adverting budget? Are you following the trends and using the latest ‘best thing’ in marketing? Or are you combining the most influential touch points in conversion […]

20 Search Marketing questions you’ve always wanted to ask (part 2)

What is semantic search? What do the Google algorithm updates mean? Find out this and more in part 2 of 20 Search Marketing Questions and Answers!

20 Search Marketing Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask (Part 1)

In this 2 part special, we bring you 20 Search Marketing related questions you've always wanted to ask! Let us know if we missed anything out

Tumblr: Aren’t you missing an ‘e’?

At the start of the social revolution, things were so simple. There was Facebook, there was Twitter and, well, that was about it. If a brand was on at least one of those platforms they were ‘social’ and ready to let those precious likes and retweets flood in. Then things changed. Google created its own […]

Case Study: Amplifying content and generating traffic through Reddit

If I were to mention Reddit to you, your mind would probably race to images of online obsessives posting ‘hilarious’ memes to something called a subreddit at two in the morning. In fairness, you’d be right. Reddit is a hotbed of the weird and not-so-wonderful of internet culture, and careful consideration should be given before […]

GOTO Chicago 2014 Conference: The Highlights

At the end of the recent Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Salford, I went to GOTO Chicago 2014. GOTO is an international series of software developer conference; it’s platform and language agnostic with a focus on the relevant and interesting.  A range of streams covered data, web, performance, architecture tools and more. With […]

World Cup 2014: The Battle Outside The Field

World Cup starts today in Brazil, with both sponsors and non-sponsor brands actively attempting to conquer the digital space. In this post, we’ll look at some of the current most interesting campaigns based around the World Cup, and the rising power of social media during this event.

Some Key Points to Take Away from MeasureFest 2014

MeasureFest 2014 was a conference packed with insightful information on analytics, conversions and usability. Below I highlight information from some of my favourite talks from the day. Need for (Page Load) Speed First Impressions Matter. If there was one thing to take away from Neil Barnes’ talk on site speed it was this. It is […]

House PR Demonstrate A Solid Second Screen Strategy: Extending the Life-Cycle of a TV Show

How often do you sit on your sofa watching TV while simultaneously checking your Facebook newsfeed or your Twitter? You might even be doing some online shopping or watching something else on YouTube! It’s no big news that more of us do exactly that; multi-screening. This is a topic we’ve already discussed at large; last […]